Designing a Multipurpose Space

Designing a Multipurpose Space
March 23, 2017 Amy Pugh

One space, two purposes.  This concept is something we are seeing in homes over and over again.  When we first met with our client from our Marcasite Project, their one request was to have a space that could function as a playroom and as a guest room.

Throughout the design process for this project, there were several factors we took into consideration to make this multipurpose space a success.

#1 Consider the Color Palette

In our playroom + guest room we used a neutral color palette with a soft blue (which symbolizes tranquility) to keep the space soothing for guests. When the kids are playing and the toys are out of their storage bins, the space is filled with every color imaginable!  When the toys are in their bins, the color palette is calm and sophisticated.

#2 Consider the Functionality of Each Item in the Room

We had to place a lightweight piece in front of the murphy bed so that the transformation from a playroom to a guest room was as quick as folding up the teepee.  If you have a piece that is aesthetically pleasing but not functional, it’s probably not the best fit for a multipurpose space.

Even accessories can be functional…stacked children’s books and a faux plant for function and practicality.

#3 Consider Lighting with Personality

Lighting is such a key element in every room! We chose a flush-mount ceiling light in this particular space because it functions well for a playroom (we all know kids can easily knock over lamps and there wasn’t room for wall sconces).  The matte black contrasts the white and adds interest to the room. Additionally, we chose a soft white bulb instead of a bright white which creates a soft glow for guests at night.

#4 Consider Art that Inspires

Wall art works well in multifunctional spaces because it never gets in the way and always pleases the eye! Choose something that brings inspiration no matter how you are using the space.

#5 Consider the Level of Contrast 

Contrasting colors, textures, and patterns add energy to a space.  We chose to keep this room more on the mellow side to cater to guests.  The matte black accents, patterned rug, and textures of the wood, basket, and cotton teepee all add subtle energy to the space.


Photography by Ernie & Fiona Photography | Wall art by Betlem Calligraphy


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